UniVoIP’s Phone Donation Program significantly surpassed Comcast’s services and slashed our communication costs down by almost $2,500. The new, donated, cloud-based phones saved us $1,500 upfront, and the bundled package offered features that were extras with Comcast. Overall, we saved $1,750 in capital expenses and more than $600 in monthly phone services

James Turner, Hire Heroes USA


Transforming Military Service Into Civilian Success

At Hire Heroes USA, former military and business professionals train veterans on how to become marketable and offer support throughout their career search. The hallmark of their program is a personal approach, which includes group workshops and assistance that connects them with viable companies and interesting employment opportunities through their Job Board.

UniVoIP Provides a More Advanced and Affordable Solution Than Comcast

Originally in communication with Comcast, Hire Heroes USA came across UniVoIP’s Phone Donation Program which clearly offered better quality services through advanced features and outrageous savings of up to approximately $2,500. When the nonprofit analyzed the initial cost savings and the included advanced features for one low monthly rate, Hire Heroes USA knew that UniVoIP was the way to go.

An Unparalleled Customer Service Experience and Quality of Partnership

“Our customer service experience with Comcast was terrible. The entire process was difficult, the sales associate was unaccommodating and every feature was an added price to an already high monthly payment. Our sales executive, Poch Verzosa has always been there to help with anything we needed, followed up on all customer service tickets, connected us with the right people when we were having technical difficulties, and has always been a huge help when adding new a la carte features. Poch has been instrumental in our partnership with UniVoIP. ” – James Turner, Hire Heroes USA

Hire Heroes USA Adopts UniVoIP’s Advanced Features Without Financial Burden

Hire Heroes USA decided to partner with UniVoIP for their telecommunication needs because they were able adopt all the advanced features of the empowering cloud-based solution without the additional burden of escalated expenses. UniVoIP provided the organization with advanced features that are now at the foundation of their operations such as auto attendant, call routing, mobile twinning and UniFax for one low monthly price. These advanced features and more were a third-tier provisioning from Comcast and unaffordable for any nonprofit organization on a lean budget. By partnering with UniVoIP, Hire Heroes USA has been able to streamline workflows, enhance communications and maximize employee productivity with advanced features at an affordable monthly rate.


Company Name
Hire Heroes USA


Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, – with 6 branch offices throughout the United States – Hire Heroes USA has built a national reputation of excellence for helping veterans find jobs: now at the rate of more than 60 veterans confirmed hired every week.