UniVoIP has always worked with us more like a partner rather than a vendor. They understand our needs and limits and work with us to find the perfect solution. Their support is fast and reliable, allowing us to focus on other issues. Having their expertise readily available takes a big burden off our IT Department

Cutberto Morales IT Manager


Serving the Community for Over 90 Years

Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA LA) is an enduring leader in mental health systems change throughout California. They have an extensive proven history in changing lives through advocating for the rights of people living with mental illness. MHA LA is a local chapter of Mental Health America, the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to helping achieve wellness by living mentally healthier lives.

Requiring a Quick Deployment in a Time of Transition

MHA LA was experiencing a time of change with headquarters being relocated. Additionally, the organization was unsure as to how long they would be at their new location as a consolidation of offices could be on the horizon. With that said, MHA LA required a solution that was quickly deployable and could seamlessly grow without limitations, despite their potentially transient future. From a logistical and financial stand point, the organization understood that a premise-based solution would not afford them the time or cost savings that a cloud-based solution would. At that point, UniVoIP and MHA LA’s major stakeholders and their IT support team joined together in conversation to determine the best unified communication solution to fit the organization’s multi-site needs.

Seamless Planning Leads to Turnkey Installation and Activation

From the beginning, UniVoIP took the time to listen carefully to MHA LA’s unique communication needs and customized a solution that would deliver the most robust feature set to exceed expectations. Throughout the planning process, UniVoIP staff made themselves available to the organization, providing demos, training and support at every step of the way – including a promise for continued training for future hires. From the initial contact to agreeing on a deployment date, UniVoIP and MHA LA partnered together for what turned out to be a seamless installation and deployment that offered the organization the flexibility they needed in the timeframe required.

MHLA LA Embraces Advanced Functionality and Cost Savings

From the speed of deployment, to the flexibility in managing multiple sites from their IT support desks, MHA LA’s team felt in control of their communications infrastructure. Avoiding the need to rely on 3rd party intervention, the organization now enjoys adding phones, features and functionality simply by accessing their online portal. Now leveraging features like hot-desking and extension-to-extension dialing (both in the office and remotely), functionality that the COO needed from a new solution, MHA LA can now keep all employees connected despite where their office is that day or if they are on the road. Upon adopting UniVoIP’s solution, the organization was able to embrace advanced functionality while switching to an OpEx model and eliminated voice network recurring monthly expenses – a much desired result from MHA LA’s CFO and COO.

UniVoIP-Success – Mental Health America of Los Angeles

Company Name
Mental Health America of Los Angeles


Founded in 1924, Mental Health America of Los Angeles (MHA LA) is one of the oldest nonprofit mental health organizations in the country. MHA LA believes that all people should be able to access quality mental and physical health care, through public awareness, direct services, training and learning opportunities.