UniVOIP has allowed us big-business telecommunications features with the flexibility a small and dynamic business requires

Gregory Nelson | President


About N2 Development

N2 Development (N2 Aero) provides superior, effective thermal and acoustic control products and services to the aircraft industry, going above and beyond the competition to ensure our clients’ success. N2 Aero’s cabin interior noise reduction systems are designed to treat every noise source contributing to the interior sound pressure levels in the aircraft.

Specific needs and challenges

N2 Aero were expanding into new facilities, and had a need for additional users and a more feature-rich phone system than what previous VOIP solution from Intermedia could offer. They wanted something that would work over IP using PoE to take advantage of the current infrastructure of the building without the necessity of an on-site PBX.

Why UniVoIP?

“UniVoIP was recommended by colleagues in the entertainment industry as a scalable and reliable system with great tech support. We did evaluate one other VOIP solution besides the one we replaced, but it did not impress us. The on-site demonstration was important, as the personnel who came to our facility were very knowledgeable and left us with a positive impression.” says Gregory Nelson, N2 Aero President “ The system interfaced with our on-premise PoE switch just , the Firewall configuration was simple and having the extra bridged Ethernet port on the Mitel phones allowed us to leverage the existing building wiring without upgrade.”

Can you name a few features and benefits of UniVoIP services that you find particularly useful and/or beneficial?

“Yes, Park/Retrieve, VM to e-mail, Web interface, Easy user configuration and Easy DID configuration”


Company Name
N2 Development

Aviation Equipment

N2 Development was founded in 2010 to provide high-performance products to the aviation industry. We focus on cabin interior noise reduction.