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Our Company. Our Customers.
Leaving PBX Behind and Adopting VoIP
American Business Bank completely revamped their telecom infrastructure in order to promote the most modern customer experience in the industry.
A Real Business Cloud Migration Story
“At this point we have been using the UniVoIP system for about 3 years and were able to free up some resources, be more effective and customize the solution exactly to our needs. We are very satisfied.” – Jon Hauer, SBWIB
Our Customers Speak Up
Modern business communication demands a host of tools, including desk and mobile phones, email, instant messaging, voicemail, presence information and conferencing. The OfficeConnect™ Unified Communication solution brings the core functionality of UCaaS in a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-adopt desktop application.
UniVoIP in 90 Seconds
Time to upgrade your business phone system? OfficeConnect™. Simple as your Phone. Smart as the Internet.
UniVoIP Customer Portal
In the self-service portal, we provide you with manuals, guides and training videos that have everything you need to know to help you and your team leverage your phone system features, functionality and equipment most efficiently.
Solutions by Industry
Go Green with UniVoIP
Save Money and Communicate First Class with a Cloud-Based Phone Solution that delivers cost savings, innovative and environmentally friendly technology.
Solutions For Nonprofits
Since 2005, UniVoIP’s Nonprofit Assistance Program has helped organizations create a more powerful impact with cloud communication tools that save nonprofits up to 40% in communication costs.
Solutions For Law Firms
All-In-One Cloud-Based Phone Solution for Legal Firms – Law firms nationwide put their trust in UniVoIP’s advanced communication technology to improve collaboration and client engagement
Solutions For Financial Institutions
Here at UniVoIP, we understand the financial industry and their objectives. So, we have designed an award winning, enterprise-grade unified communications as a service solution that breaks down operational barriers, improves quality of customer experience and catapults long-term profitability.
Solutions for Manufacturers
Go to market faster with unification of resources, platforms and software. Centralize and customize platforms to ensure streamlined workflows while making customer centricity a priority. And finally speed up responsiveness to reduce new product cycle times.
Solutions by Product
Enterprise Solutions
Welcome to the evolution of enterprise communications and the fast moving migration towards the cloud. As a nationwide leader in enterprise grade cloud-based communications, UniVoIP is an award winning, reliable and secure solution for medium to large businesses.
Multimedia Contact Center
UniVoIP’s 100% scalable multimedia contact center makes it possible for companies to efficiently provide service to customers on their media channel of choice while maintaining service levels across all media types. With advanced productivity tools, agents and supervisors monitor and manage with real-time, historical and lifecycle reporting so that companies can deliver a five-star customer service experience.
Collaborate with MiCollab
Among OfficeConnect’s robust feature set is MiCollab, a mobile optimized collaboration suite that offers users a consistent and mirrored business communications experience across any device. Designed to supercharge team interactions and break down the barriers of a traditional workforce environment, MiCollab allows employees to stay productive and collaborating from anywhere.
Advanced Teamwork with MiTeam
MiTeam is a mobile first on demand collaboration tool that brings employees, partners, clients, suppliers and other critical workstream team members together for greater success.
CRM Integration with WebConnect™
UniVoIP WebConnect is a smart feature of The UniVoIP App that automatically pulls up a window with information on the caller based on the inbound Caller ID phone number or the outbound phone number dialed. Program UniVoIP WebConnect to automatically launch a URL of choice, such as your CRM platform, and gain immediate access of relevant information regarding the caller so that every interaction is productive.
Mobile engagement with UniVoIP App™
Enhance your business communications experience with advanced mobile or desktop connectivity. When you’re on the move, take UniVoIP App’s cutting-edge capabilities with you on your smartphone, laptop or tablet and stay connected at all times as if you’re sitting in the office. Your colleagues are never more than two simple clicks away.
MiVoice 6900 and MobileLink
The powerful, mobile first, 6900 MiVoice IP Desk Phone Series offers a plethora of new features for the enterprise executive including MobileLink, a seamless pairing of your IP desk phone and your smartphone.
Geofencing is a powerful location-based service born in MiCollab, a cloud collaboration application for UniVoIP OfficeConnect Enterprise Edition Users. This game changing technology automatically adjusts your availability status and call routing preferences when your mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.
UniVoIP AT&T Partner Exchange
In conjunction with AT&T, UniVoIP brings you connectivity solutions tailored to your needs. When your business chooses UniVoIP and AT&T’s network, you’re on a network that’s reliable and secure, so that you know it will be there when you need it most.

With UniVoIP, we are now able to manage our contact center solution with analytical reporting that helps measure and monitor customer trends, needs and concerns.

Office Manager


We have deployed UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel contact center, a modern, simple and member-centric communication infrastructure that introduces new analytics to measure and improve how we communicate with and serve our customers.

When selecting a service provider, we watch for 2 things; that the vendor is cognizant of our bottom line and that the vendor is able to provide us with rapid responses when we have questions and/or problems that need to be solved for. UniVoIP covered both.

Lorene Cangiano

Practice Administrator, PA, RN

California Hematology Oncology Medical Group