Read testimonials from UniVoIP customers

  • Adopts UniVoIP’s Scalable Solution to Ensure Flawless Expansion

    “UniVoIP has allowed us big-business telecommunication features with the flexibility a small and dynamic business requires.”

    Gregory Nelson N2 Aero
  • Managing The Communication Solution from Anywhere

    UniVoIP has benefited our business tremendously because even when our IT technician is at Disneyland, she can access the admin portal and reroute all calls to another facility…if needed…

    Ann Ellis Klein Products
  • Saves Time, Increases Flexibility and Is FUN to Use

    The phone system is so easy to use and sometimes even fun! UniVoIP allowed us the flexibility of adding and removing lines as needed. The functionality of forwarding calls to company mobile phones has also saved a lot of time.”

    Picture It On Canvas Monica Denosta
  • Experiences a Full-Service Approach and Great Support

    I really appreciate the reliable communications, full-service approach, easy installation, great support, fast response and the fact that UniVoIP really seemed to understand our challenges…

    - Sergey Semendyayev Closet Factory