OfficeConnect CRM Connector for Salesforce is a feature that integrates your phone communications directly into your Salesforce environment, to accelerate, simplify, and streamline your workflow.

  • Have you (or your VP Sales or VP Customer services) ever wondered who your good Call Center Agents are? Worst?
  • Have you ever wondered which leads or customers were not called within the last 2 days? 30 days?
  • Have you ever wondered how to have a screen pop when customer is calling, with all details about the customer?

OfficeConnect CRM Connector for Salesforce seamlessly integrates telephony users’ operations with, providing multiple features including click-to-dial from Salesforce and Salesforce contact record screen-pop based on incoming call.

Feature Highlights

  • Screen pop on incoming and outgoing calls based on received and placed calls that are matched to the corresponding record in CRM.
  • Click-to-dial from within the user interface
  • Click-to-answer from within the interface
  • Make outgoing calls from within the user interface
  • Selective match: If caller ID matches multiple records within, the user can select  the appropriate record when the caller has been identified verbally
  • Note taking: ability to take notes while on call
  • Call logging: ability to log calls with the associated contact

OfficeConnect CRM Connector for Salesforce was created to provide enhancements to your Salesforce experience by linking your UniVoIP hosted PBX Solutions to your Salesforce CRM system:

  1. Improving your level of customer service by gaining immediate efficiencies in how you  interact with customers.
  2. Maximizing your communications system and SFDC investment by gaining  immediate productivity gains for SFDC users (staff and managers).
  3. Making intelligent and strategic business decisions based on accurate and real-time data by gaining increased visibility to all customer interactions.