With Twinning You Will Never Miss An Important Call Again!

One of many useful features of UniVoIP OfficeConnect is called Twinning. Twinning means the ability to use a mobile phone, home phone or any other device or software capable of receiving a call as a ‘twin’ of your office extension, so when your desk phone rings so does your other phone or device. The Twinning feature can easily be activated or deactivated through a single button on your desk phone -so when leaving the office you know that you will always be reachable (if you want of course).

Twinning Features

This feature allows any team member to be reachable at the office or on the go and is a client favorite because it ensures that they never miss an opportunity. Another nifty attribute is that users can seamlessly switch between their mobile and their desk phone at a push of a button. So if they’re on their way out they can transfer the call to their cell and vice versa if they return to H.Q.

Twinning Promotes Mobility

One of the best benefits of Twinning is client retention. If an employee ever leaves the company, it ensures that they do not take clients with them. Here’s an example: Picture a real estate company that allows it’s agents to use their personal cell phone numbers to take business calls when they’re on the road. Picture a client, let’s call him Dr. Schmidt . The doctor buys a house from an agent and places his card into a drawer. Two years later, he’s shopping around for a new home, and finds the agents card.  He calls the agent’s cell, only he isn’t with your firm any longer. He left last year to work for a competitor, and he’s going to take this returning customer and perhaps more clients with him. Mobile twinning eliminates these types of scenarios from occurring. All employee phone numbers can be linked to their office phone. Guaranteeing repeat businesses stays in-house. Mobile Twinning increases productivity, minimizes human latency and ensures client retention.