Enterprise Mobility

Freedom to work – anytime, anywhere, on any device

Mobility is a fundamental element of the business communication of today. With OfficeConnect mobile and remote users have access to the same high-quality applications, features, and services granted to in-office users. UniVoIP mobility features transform your mobile devices into an extension of the corporate phone services. This means users will have just one number and one voice mailbox to manage.


Desktop, Tablet or Phone

The OfficeConnect Unified Communications (UC) Client is available on desktop PC and mobile application for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and iPad, and Google Android devices.


Users can remain authentic and visible to others through real-time presence. Presence states can provide information about a user’s ability or willingness to communicate as well as the preferred communications mode.

Automatically update a user’s status based on the Busy and Out of Office settings in the user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar or provide mobile user the ability to automatically change their presence status and calling preferences based on location information (determined by the user’s GPS or proximity to particular Bluetooth devices).

Mobility Solutions

Featured Mobility, Collaboration, and Business Intelligence Tools

UniVoIP App

Uninhibited business communication through mobile and desktop interfaces.



Integrates with CRM, ERP and Social Media platforms to empower conversation.



Connect, collaborate and communicate across blended environments.



Extend MiCollab with MiTeam Collaboration Software for blended environments.

Making a Business More Mobile

Ingredients for a Mobile Business Workforce

With so much of today's business being conducted on mobile devices via cloud-based servers, companies have more opportunities than ever before to reach broad markets.

Benefits of Mobile Workforce

Ingredients for a Mobile Business Workforce

Mobile cloud-based workforce solutions make it easier on so many levels for companies to run a business and reap productivity rewards from a team of happy employees.