Features of OfficeConnect: VoIP Business Phones

Hot Desking




Voicemail to Email


Hot Desking allows you to log into the telephone system from any phone designated as a Hot Desk phone. When you log in at the phone using your assigned Hot Desk User Directory number, the phone assumes all your speed dials, features keys, call forwarding setup, and line appearances - even your language preference for the display. Any changes you make to the phone while you are logged in for example, adding a speed dial are saved to your personal profile

Teleworker feature supports telecommuting employees or small branch offices

UniVoIP VoIP OfficeConnect lets you  “twin” your desk phone to another internal or external phone (your cell phone, for example). Calls arriving at your desk phone will ring your cell phone simultaneously, allowing you to answer either device

Each user has their own voicemail and must first set it up using the provided passcode.  Name, greeting and passcord recording will follow.  Your mailbox may be accessed from anywhere at anytime

Listen to the voicemail audio file, or read the message as text in the body of an email. Be more responsive by getting email and text message notifications of received faxes, missed calls, fax transmission results and text messages