Business VoIP Solutions for 2020

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A cost-efficient solution that puts your employees in the driver seat and makes it easy to be productive, service their customers and collaborate from across locations.

Cloud Call Center Solutions

Unify, Connect and Collaborate Across All Locations with VoIP for Business

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Whether you have one or twenty locations, UniVoIP’s business communication solutions link locations, people, and customers under one single, user-friendly system that simplifies how you do business. Powered by enterprise-grade technology, a small to mid-sized business is able to enjoy centralized management, audio web and video conferencing, mobile collaboration applications, voicemail-to-email transcription, call recording and fax-via email, and more, at one low monthly cost – with one service provider.

Let us help you unify your entire network infrastructure with a highly scalable, customer-centric, unified communication solution strategically designed to enhance employee productivity, collaboration, and mobility.

Our Team’s Main Focus is Customer Experience

Business VoIP Customer Service You’ll Only Get at UniVoIP

Here at UniVoIP, we fully understand the customer journey and what it takes to exceed your expectations. Why? Because we listen to our Business VoIP customers. We take a personalized approach to customer service, from the moment our business development team listens to your communication needs, to years down the line when our marketing team is keeping you up to date with newly available features and functionality.

Our support team of highly trained IT professionals work around-the-clock to ensure your phone systems are up and running, and that you’re able to maximize the full benefits of our solutions. From a slew of user training videos, guides, and online training to one-on-one technical support, UniVoIP creates meaningful relationships with customers that last a lifetime. Don’t expect to be just a customer; you become part of our family in the cloud.

For us, your business is our top priority!

VoIP Support 24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week. 365 Days a Year.

Experience Business VoIP the Way it Should Be

VoIP Solutions that Fit Your Needs

UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ is the perfect solution for any small to mid-size business looking to harness the power of enterprise-grade technology without the burden of hiring a full-time IT team, spending excessive resources on building an IT infrastructure or navigating a convoluted phone system. Designed with the end-user in mind, UniVoIP OfficeConnect™ is a cost-effective solution that allows for a small team to project the image of a large enterprise.

Features for Your Business

Voice-to-Email Transcription

Deliver your voicemails directly to your inbox where you can view and listen to them for easy organization, prioritizing, and archiving of important business communications.

Auto Attendant

Give off a big company feel with a powerful automated virtual receptionist that lets your administrators handle more critical tasks, rather than routing calls.


Get rid of the fax machine headache and associated expenses by sending and receiving fax documents directly to your email inbox for a more modern, environmentally friendly way to fax.

Call Twinning

Program your work extension to ring simultaneously on both your desk phone and your personal cell phone so that when you’re on-the-go, you never miss an important call.

Call Recording

Automatically recording inbound and outbound calls, calling recording immediately presents and preserves call records to monitor and evaluate voice interactions.


Easily collaborate with team members from across geographic locations by setting up impromptu or scheduled conferences.

Do Not Disturb

Set up Do Not Disturb to re-route calls to another staff member or send your calls directly to voicemail so that you’re not disturbed during an important meeting.

Extension Dialing

With 4-digit extension dialing, your staff can easily connect with anyone in the organization by simply dialing their designated four digit-number.


Transform your desktop into a web-based phone and make and receive business calls without needing to be at your desk or next to your IP phone.

Hot desking

Give your staff the flexibility to work from anywhere in the office by personalizing any IP phone with their custom settings, just by logging in.

Music on Hold

Add that extra professional touch and keep your caller busy when they are on hold by playing recorded marketing messages and/or recorded music.

Call Routing

Automatically recognize the phone number of an important caller and have pre-determined rules in place to a specific staff member or route that caller to several locations simultaneously.

Business Intelligence Tools

Through CRM, ERP, and Social Media integration with WebConnect™, your staff can immediately access caller data through web-based screen pop-ups for a more personalized and proactive conversation.

Business VoIP Applications that Support the Growth of Your Company

Business VoIP allows you to seamlessly merge the tools of OfficeConnect™ with critical IT applications to fortify a fully integrated unified business communications experience that streamlines workflows, improves return on investment of existing IT investments and contributes to your overall bottom line.

Business Apps:

  • Salesforce
  • Skype for Business
  • Office 365
  • Zendesk
  • LexisNexis
  • Jack Henry Products
  • Sugar CRM
  • Outlook

…and more.

Discover How UniVoIP Raised the Bar with Business VoIP Solutions

UniVoIP has had the privilege to work with many amazing companies since day one, helping them expand and grow their business communication capabilities. Using VoIP technology, UniVoIP has been able to help businesses set higher goals and achieve greatness. Discover the impact that switching to a VoIP system specifically designed for small to mid-size business has had for a few select organizations.

Resch Polster & Berger LLP

Formerly, RPB worked on a premise-based, rather than cloud, PBX system that was maintained by two third-party vendors, both delivering different support. One of these vendors was specifically for voice services and the other was dedicated to supporting PBX hardware. RPB came to a point where they needed a much-needed upgrade…
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Adoption Circle

Adoption Circle chose UniVoIP after careful consideration and diligent research of other local service providers. It was due to the interactions between Adoption Circle and the knowledgeable sales and customer support teams at UniVoIP that won them over. These teams proved that distance made no difference on the quality of service…
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Christy White Associates

Christy White Associates needed an upgrade for their telecommunications system when they moved to a new building. The majority of her business’s communication is done over email, messenger, and phone. Due to their onsite auditing services, Christy White Associates required support by collaborative communication solutions and by mobile. Originally, the firm…
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Have Questions About Business VoIP? We Have Answers.

What size company is Business VoIP meant for?

Our Business VoIP solution is designed for businesses with a need for more than five phone lines.

What is the difference between Enterprise and Business VoIP?

While Enterprise VoIP is designed for large organizations with complex communication requirements, as well as require contact center functionality, Business VoIP delivers an abundance of features and functionality designed for the small to mid-size business. Both solutions can be leveraged by companies requiring more than five business phone lines, however, should a business need contact center functionality or more an advanced mobile communications and collaboration platform, Enterprise VoIP would be necessary.

What is Cloud Communication?

Cloud communications are internet-based voice and data communications combining applications, switching, and storage, all hosted by third-party organizations. All communications are delivered over the public internet and are hosted on servers, managed, and operated by the cloud service provider.

Does Business VoIP scale as my business grows?

Absolutely! Our OfficeConnect™ solution is perfect for any growing and expanding business. All of our features and functionalities are designed to grow as you do and when you’re in need for more functionality, our teams work closely with you to make that happen, without any disruptions in service.

How easy is it to add additional lines as my business gets bigger?

Adding phone lines and/or locations with Business VoIP is as easy as pressing a button, and despite the additional usage, the quality of our solution is never compromised.

What if my employees work remotely?

One of the greatest benefits of OfficeConnect™ is that your remote workers can maintain a consistent in-office business communications experience without even leaving their home. All you have to do is add their extension, send them an IP phone, and they can then connect their phone to their personal internet. Remote workers can also easily download any of our mobile collaboration apps to stay connected while they’re on-the-go. It’s as if they are communicating from headquarters, and they never miss a beat.