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Agent PC Client

Softphone Client

Agent Web Client

Email Queuing

Historical Reporting Access

Multimedia ACD Agent

RT Queue Status Monitoring

SMS Queueing

Supervisor - Call Recording 

Supervisor - Contact Center 

Supervisor PC Client

Supervisor Web Client

Voice ACD Agent

Voice Queuing

Web Chat

Call Monitoring

Call Barging

Call Recording License for Call Navigator Access

contact center

Contact Center Specific Agent Features (Included and optional)

contact center

Supervisor License will support the same features than the selected EE or Agent license plus additional Supervisor Specific Features).  Illustrated below would be a supervisor with an Agent License



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Features may be included or optional 

Integrated Contact Center Solutions

Our Cloud Contact Center’s integrated management solutions provide a five-star customer experience that’s productive, efficient and superior to that of your competitors. With a set of advanced, integrated management tools, our Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) Cloud Contact Center solution gives you an intuitive interface to deliver real-time solutions with ease.

Provide Your Customers Options

Consumers want to do more than call you. They want to text, email and interact with you over social media. In fact, 74% of consumers use three or more communication channels to contact organizations, schools, nonprofits, law firms and financial companies.
Our integrated Cloud Contact Center technology allows your team to chat with your clients through the following channels:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Instant message
  • SMS

You can also use your integrated management tools to provide self-service options like payment, account status and more, through our customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions.

Personalize Your Customer Experience

With our IVR tools, customization is a key feature. Use the intuitive interface to personalize your UCaaS solutions and the experience of your callers with the following tools:

  • Variable greetings
  • Digit collection
  • Workflow-triggered communication
  • Schedule-based rules

Tailoring your options to your needs is an effective start for improving your organization’s productivity.

Expedite Your Routing Process

Enhancing productivity starts with expediting your routing process through our integrated Cloud Contact Center’s UCaaS solutions. With our IVR features, you can boost your routing conditions through the following tools:

  • ANI (Automatic Number Identification) or Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) routing
  • Workflow editor
  • Schedule-based rules
  • Outbound workflow

With these tools, you can automatically direct calls to self-services or experienced agents as well as dismiss inbound calls from numbers you’ve blocked or banned. By assisting consumers faster, you’re also improving their perception of your organization, which is a long-term benefit.

Monitor Your Calls With Integrated Management Tools

Ensure your team remains on-track and equipped to handle your call volume through our integrated management tools, which include:

  • Real-time and historical reports for IVR routing
  • Call monitoring
  • Call barging
  • Call recording
  • And more!

With these features, you can not only assess your team’s performance and training, but also react to real-time shifts, such as an increase in call volume or ongoing customer service challenges. A fast reaction ensures your team maintains their level of performance and the experience of consumers.

Maximize Your Team’s Time

Our integrated Cloud Contact Center offers you solutions for maximizing your team’s time, productivity and user experience. The most substantial way this UCaaS solution assists is through its advanced technology, such as its systematic planning tools.
Systematic planning refines your Cloud Contact Center’s framework to meet your service objectives and applies accurate Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) by collecting valuable data about call lengths, number of agents and more.
In addition to forecasting call volumes, our IVR integrated self-service solutions handle basic factors so your team can apply their time to more complex issues and handle additional requests from consumers.

Scale and Secure Your Integrated Cloud Contact Center Solution

As a cloud-based UCaaS solution, our integrated Cloud Contact Center is 100% scalable. This feature allows your company to add agents and services on-demand in response to call volume. Our Cloud Contact Center is also engineered with enterprise-class, highly resilient architecture to provide the performance you need every day, all day.
Our Cloud Contact Center also features a 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and survivability through secure, highly available (HA) data centers. In the event of an emergency or planned outage, you can switch to these centers to eliminate downtime.

Choose Your Needed Add-ons

Offering options is a key feature of our integrated Cloud Contact Center solution. Select the add-ons that meet your organization’s needs — whether you’re a university, legal firm or real estate company.
Popular add-ons for improved performance include:

  • Call barging
  • Call monitoring
  • Web chat
  • Call recording license
  • And more!

Add-ons can make an impact on your team’s productivity and ability to handle challenging calls. Use the call barging feature, for example, to have supervisors join a difficult call that a team member needs assistance with or monitor a new agent’s calls to improve their skills.

Optimize Your Return on Investment

Boost your organization’s Return on Investment (ROI) with our UCaaS Cloud Contact Center solutions. Our solution delivers an ROI through the following benefits:

  • Improving routing methods.
  • Increasing agent productivity.
  • Delivering enhanced customer and user experiences.
  • Strengthening organization’s brand across platforms.
  • Providing actionable and quantifiable results, reports and analytics.
  • Raising customer satisfaction through 24/7 self-services.

With these advantages, you and your team can optimize your organization’s ROI as well as overall value to consumers.

Try Our Integrated Cloud Contact Center Solution

At UniVoIP, our cloud-based, integrated Cloud Contact Center solutions provide the ultimate customizable customer experience — as demonstrated by our extensive number of success stories. Our solution’s integrated management tools provide the necessary features to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as an experience that improves customers’ perceptions of your organization’s brand.
Try a demo of our integrated self-service solutions as well as our complete line of UCaaS solutions by contacting us today.

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