Behavioral Intelligence to Boost Customer Experience

Providing Contact Center Management with Interaction Intelligence

Fully manage customer interactions beyond the scope of phone calls and obtain a deep understanding of agent desktop activity while servicing a customer.

Screen Recording is a companion product, powered by UniVoIP's Omni-Channel Contact Center, designed to aid supervisors in achieving optimal quality of service. By enabling supervisors to record an agent's desktop screen activity simultaneously as the audio of the phone call is recorded, supervisors are equipped with vital information needed to discover more completely the areas to improve agent efficiency.


Monitor Customer Service Processes to Improve Responsiveness

See how agents look up customer information, leverage employee collaboration tools and gather answers to customer inquiries while simultaneously listening to the audio recording. With an intimate look at customer-agent interactions, training can be tailored to improving vital Key Performance Indicators like First Touch Resolution.

Increase Return on Investment of Existing Applications

Better understand agent usage of applications and online resources to target certain areas for improvement and increase application efficiency during each customer service call. Quickly identify challenges and bottlenecks in application activity, and immediately solve for avoidable inefficiencies.

Personalize Consumer Interaction and Boost Customer Service Experience

Fully understand consumer preferences and expectations through management intelligence that encourages loyalty and customer retention. Gaining full insight on customer expectations enables agents to personalize each interaction based on the unique needs of each customer to ensure a powerful customer service experience.

Personalize Agent Training to Optimize Performance

Gain valuable insight on agent activity during each customer service call and tailor training specifically to improve individual agent productivity levels. Through a customized training approach, identify isolated weaknesses amongst agents and provide personalized coaching to optimize performance.