MPLS Private Network

Did you know that most VoIP solutions offered by several providers are not acceptable for the majority of medium to large enterprise customers? In fact, those solutions rely on transporting voice over the internet and are subject to the performance of the internet which can vary widely based on location, time of day, congestion, type of access used and such, making it not suitable for most companies.

UniVoIP, on the other hand, is offering MPLS circuits to connect customer’s single or multiple sites to UniVoIP data centers, offering a complete On-Net and private connectivity. MPLS is the fastest-growing WAN technology on the market because of its performance and versatility. Our MPLS offering leverages top tier 1 networks allowing for best in class reliability and global scalability.


Secure communication with guaranteed QoS for voice traffic

MPLS Circuits

UniVoIP's MPLS-based service can reduce costs by at least 10% to as much as 40% over comparable data services.

  • Enables data and voice to travel on the same network
  • Allows for prioritization of traffic
  • Allows for dynamic bandwidth allocation and quality of service (QoS)
  • Our unique and highly used MPLS network supports teleworkers and promotes geo-redundancy with two data centers located on the East and West coast while being managed by two different providers for increased reliability.

MPLS Quality Of Service Functions

QoS enablement improves overall performance due to the any-to-any nature of its MPLS services, and enables network designers to reduce the number of “hops” between network points which translates directly to increased response time and improved application performance.

  • Efficient resource allocation—allocating bandwidth on a per-class and per-link basis (one for UniVoIP voice traffic), hereby guaranteeing a percentage of link bandwidth for network traffic.
  • Packet differentiation — When IP packets traverse an MPLS network, packets are differentiated by mapping. This mapping of bits enables UniVoIP to maintain end-to-end network guarantees and meet the provisions of customer service level agreements (SLA).
  • When I was introduced to hosted PBX through UniVoIP I was impressed. My employer Healthview Inc is in the healthcare industry and communication with our clientele is vital and must be reliable. My task to find a provider that could ensure reliability, redundancy, and stability was a challenge. Personally, I have over 10 years of experience in dealing with different phone systems within the various locations in our company. The system that we have is delivered and managed via a private network and is very user friendly. I visited their COLO and saw how their network infrastructure is designed to provide multiple layers of redundancy and up-time service.

    Z. Jafari, IT Director
    Z. Jafari, IT Director
  • UniVoIP helped us to upgrade our phone system and transition from analog to voice over IP telephones ... we are enjoying the benefits of a high functioning and efficient phone system.

    Matt Krinsky, Director of Programs & Events
    Matt Krinsky, Director of Programs & Events American Institute of Architects Los Angeles (AIA|LA)
  • GSDBA is extremely happy with our new phone system and service from Univoip

    "GSDBA is extremely happy with our new phone system and service from Univoip. Now we have clear connections and flexibility to customize our system anytime we want. We highly recommend Univoip to everyone!"

    Sue Sneeringer, Operations Manager
    Sue Sneeringer, Operations Manager GSDBA
  • Finally a phone system provider that really know their stuff. I got answers to all my questions from UniVoIP's sales guy on the spot. There was no "I have to talk to my supervisor" or "I have to ask our tech guys". You can tell that you are talking to someone who truly understands the business. I got all the features I need – at a very competitive price. Hats off.

    Josh, IT Manager
  • I was very pleased to find that UniVoip has the best people. Our Account Manager and the rest of the team were sincerely helpful and available to us specially with our situation where we were pushed to a deadline to make the move happen.  The quality of the service and the product are very good.  Looking back, we have proven that we made the right decision to go with UniVoip.

    Peachy Paulino, Director - Systems, Marketing Support & Outsourced Services
    Peachy Paulino, Director - Systems, Marketing Support & Outsourced Services Argus Medical
  • Excellent service! We have received excellent service. The support team were straight-forward, direct and very helpful. The technicians where professional and did a very good job as well. I would recommend UniVoIP to anyone looking for a business-class phone service provider.
    Dairl Johnson
    Dairl Johnson Interior Door & Closet Company
  • We selected UniVoIP because it was easier to have one company providing all communication Services

    Alexandria Thompson Developmental Peds
  • UniVoIP is very affordable and we are very happy to stop paying outrageous and unpredictable bills from ATT ... I love the web based administration, which I use even from home ...

    Larry Daryanani
    Larry Daryanani RMXC, Inc.
  • We gained huge amount of functionality, which are very user friendly and ultimately improving customer services plus support is always available. We get instant access and help anytime we need it

    Jessica Ramirez
    Jessica Ramirez CA Hematology Oncology Medical Group
  • We wanted to improve communication with remote sites, reduce costs, and improve our Internet connectivity.  We also wanted to do all of the above at the lowest cost  ... we are getting all and the above, saving 40% hard dollars from our previous supplier ...

    Lynnae Hernandez
    Lynnae Hernandez Bridges Rehab
  • OfficeConnect is an user friendly and scalable solution that exceeds expectations and makes our jobs easier and more efficient to do.

    Patrick Mahoney | Business Manager
    Patrick Mahoney | Business Manager Morningside Recovery
  • The training was amazing and comprehensive. That really brought us up to speed regarding our phone system . . .

    Dave Ruffin
    Dave Ruffin Instant;ly
  • UniVoIP OfficeConnect is a very elegant and highly innovative phone system with a lot of functionality. The system is very powerful and may have a lot of untapped potential if you're not fully trained and introduced to the system. Thankfully, UniVoIP’s customer service is very easy to reach, they can solve problems and they follow up with you. This makes it easy for employees and administration to leverage the power of the system and reach it’s true potential.

    Joshua Mendel | Director of Finance and Business
    Joshua Mendel | Director of Finance and Business International Institute of Akron
  • Adopts UniVoIP’s Scalable Solution to Ensure Flawless Expansion

    “UniVoIP has allowed us big-business telecommunication features with the flexibility a small and dynamic business requires.”

    Gregory Nelson N2 Aero
  • Managing The Communication Solution from Anywhere

    UniVoIP has benefited our business tremendously because even when our IT technician is at Disneyland, she can access the admin portal and reroute all calls to another facility…if needed…

    Ann Ellis Klein Products
  • Saves Time, Increases Flexibility and Is FUN to Use

    The phone system is so easy to use and sometimes even fun! UniVoIP allowed us the flexibility of adding and removing lines as needed. The functionality of forwarding calls to company mobile phones has also saved a lot of time.”

    Picture It On Canvas Monica Denosta
  • Experiences a Full-Service Approach and Great Support

    I really appreciate the reliable communications, full-service approach, easy installation, great support, fast response and the fact that UniVoIP really seemed to understand our challenges…

    - Sergey Semendyayev Closet Factory
  • A Solution That Adapts to Specific Business Needs

    In the past we used to adapt our business needs to the technology available – UniVoIP’s technology adapts to our needs…”

    Robert Jo Breathe California of LA County
  • Putting Trust in UniVoIP and Focusing on Other More Important Priorities

    With UniVoIP, internet and voice communication is no longer a concern. I can spend my time on other business priorities. Thank you for removing this obstacle.”  

    Lynnae Hernandez Bridges, Inc
  • The nature of our business leads to employees working both remotely and in the office. The phone system allows us to forward calls and voicemails wherever the employee many be, always keeping them in contact with our clients

    Kimber Norris CapinCrouse LLP
  • “We are very happy with the services that UniVoIP provides for us. We especially like that the system is user friendly with its excellent features like the online administrator and help desk.

    Whitney McGovern Bellwether Asset Management
  • Staying Productive While Working Remotely

    UniVoIP is a great, reliable flexible, and well-priced telephone service for my business. My favorite feature is that I can use a remote phone in any of my houses or on vacation so that I can work productively anywhere I am located that has internet access.”

    Christopher Zyda Mozaic LLC
  • “A great productivity control tool is how I best would describe the UniVoIP phone system. There are so many excellent features and benefits for small and large operations alike…”\

    B. White Nikkei Credit Union
  • Realizes 50% Monthly Cost Savings

    “We were looking to switch to a VoIP telecommunications system and UniVoIP fit our needs perfectly. We have been able to realize 50% savings each month and continue to see ongoing management and maintenance cost savings.”

    Jade Kim MPIO Incorporation
  • “UniVoIP reduced overall telecommunication expenses and allowed for extra phone system functionality as well as provided an integration between the case management software used at the firm and the phone system."

    Sandra Bristol GEKLAW
  • Choosing Qualify of Services in lieu of Locality and Proximity of Provider.

    ““I can’t say enough good things about UniVoIP, their solution and the customer service we have experienced from day one. We were initially set on choosing a local service provider, assuming that would mean better service, but UniVoIP proved it’s not about locality but quality of services delivered.”.”

    Chris Soto Adoption Circle
  • Improves Collaboration and Operational Efficiencies In and Out of the Office

    “UniVoIP has enabled us to improve communications and collaboration with staff, mobile workers, volunteers, the community and partners, as well as increase operational efficiencies in and out of our office.”

    Marisol Martin The Center for Restorative Justice Works
  • Enjoys a Very Affordable Solution with Predictable Monthly Costs

    “UniVoIP is a great solution for nonprofits as the system is very affordable and has increased productivity through staff utilization. We now have very low and predictable monthly costs with access to 24/7 US-based customer service.”

    Linda Kelly Fathers and Mothers Who Care
  • Improves Reach in The Community and Makes Staff More Accessible

    “We had no idea how much UniVoIP’s communication solution could improve our reach within the community and make our staff more accessible to our constituents in order to handle priorities and other crucial needs.”

    Natalie Simons LA Team Mentoring
  • UniVoIP’s Assistance Program for Nonprofits Saves on Monthly Expenses

    “UniVoIP’s Assistance Program significantly surpassed Comcast’s services and slashed our communication costs by almost $2,500. Overall, we saved $1,750 in capital expenses and more than $600 in monthly phone services.”

    James Turner Hire Heroes USA
  • Puts Trust in a True Industry Leader

    “Telecommunications has changed a lot over the years and UniVoIP is changing with it. UniVoIP is well-known in the industry for forward thinking and is the true leader in the industry.”

    IT Manager South Bay Workforce Investment Board, Inc
  • Receives 5 Star Personalize Attention 

    “The UniVoIP consultant was very helpful from the beginning. He explained all the features and the value of having a system we weren’t familiar with. We knew what we were getting up-front.”

    Elaine Woloshyn International Institute of Akron
  • Adopts UniVoIP’s Solution to Achieve Their Mission and Budgetary Requirements

    “UniVoIP made it possible for us to unify all communications with one vendor, at one low monthly cost. The sales consultant understood what our organization needed and tailored our solution to match our budget and needs.”

    Awi Ramli Life Steps Foundation
  • We were enthralled by how a thousand plus extensions were implemented so quickly.

    We were enthralled by how a thousand plus extensions were implemented so quickly. Not to mention, over a quarter of savings on total communication costs … ” –

    Director of Materials RadNet
  • The moment we went live we got rid of a couple hundred vulnerabilities for our old Avaya system!"

    Roy MacKinno, President & CEO Edwards Federal Credit Union