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UniBridge: Powerful Virtual Collaboration for Today’s Dispersed Teams

Bring hybrid and remote teams together in real time with a virtual conferencing solution that’s designed to enhance business communications and accelerate growth.

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Discover the Benefits of UniBridge

UniBridge enables enterprises to reimagine remote teamwork and break down geographical boundaries. Learn how our powerful video conferencing platform inspires productivity – anywhere.

Collaborate Anywhere

UniBridge enables dispersed teams to collaborate via livestreaming video on a reliable conferencing platform.

Stay Organized

Easily keep track of attendees and chat logs, timestamps, documents shared, recordings, and transcripts.

Communicate Securely

UniBridge is GDPR compliant. Hold meetings securely and ensure privacy with features like meeting locking and one-time access codes.

Easily Share Resources

Screen and file sharing capabilities ensure meetings stay productive, employees stay informed, and resources are shared as needed and in real time.

All the Features You Need for Remote Collaboration

The download-free virtual conferencing solution that supports modern business communication requirements.

Live-streaming video supports collaboration amongst dispersed team members
Audio & video recording enables on-demand access through a shareable link
Auto transcription & smart search alleviate the need for a note-taker
Screen & file sharing allows for document transfer across dispersed teams
Meeting summaries allow easy access to information with search keywords

The UniBridge Conferencing Platform Enables Powerful Virtual Collaboration

With UniBridge, businesses get screen and file sharing capabilities, meeting logs, timestamps, summaries, custom branding, and more. This graphic depicts how users can maximize the benefit of our virtual collaboration platform for dispersed teams.

Making the Most of the UniBridge Conferencing Platform

Long-term hybrid work environments require powerful, easy-to-use virtual collaboration solutions. These resources will help you stay informed on the latest developments in collaboration technology.


Industry-high customer
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Auto provisioning and a
partner-centric service control portal

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to the desktop

White glove customer experience
by a team of expert engineers

U.S.-based support

Lowest prices
in the industry

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