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UniVoIp has benefited our business tremendously because, even when our IT technician is at Disneyland, she can access the admin portal and reroute all calls to another facility … if needed …

Ann Ellis | Executive Assistant / IT Manager

Worldwide manufacturer of water distributing equipment

Klein Products is a worldwide, leading manufacturer of water distributing equipment. Products include: Water tanks, water trucks, water pulls, water wagons, portable water towers, water tank trailers, water pumps, Hurricane pumps, water control valves, and all the related parts components and accessories.

Stuck with an outdated and expensive phone solution with zero flexibility

Klein Products where stuck with an outdated phone system from Nortel Norstar. There was no flexibility for routing calls and an, very expensive, upgrade was much needed. Finding replacement parts was difficult and options for technical support and service was non-existing or very limited.

Did UniVoIP OfficeConnect solve your problems?

“UniVoIP solution saved us money, has great functionality, easy to use and very flexible. I like that I can be at home and forward all lines to another location if needed. I’ve actually done that while on vacation at an amusement park. It was awesome!” says Ann Ellis, Executive Assistant/IT Manager” “We also saved on overall telecommunications cost – both up front and month over month

Why UniVoIP?

“UniVoIP was referred to us by a trusted business acquaintance. I don’t recall what other companies they competed with but we did obtain other quotes. We decided to choose Univoip due to competitive pricing along with the unique services offered.” says Ann Ellis “The initial set up was so easy. The ability for online and remote administration is wonderful. Add and Changes are super easy”

The benefits of a cloud-based phone system

UniVoIP has, through advanced cloud technology, eliminated the need for dealing with multiple communications vendors by placing the complexity of a PBX in the UniVoIP cloud. Administrators and end-users alike can now access all of their communication services through an Internet browser, without having to administer any hardware.

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