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Before UniVoIP the phones would go down and there was no internal transfer system when there was a power outage, which happened often in our suite. With UniVoIP this is not an issue …

Jessica Ramirez | Office Manager

About Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery is a Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment center. We have been in business for approximately 15 years and treat patients above the age of 18. We also offer structured living environments where client are provided with a sober environment to live.

What were your specific challenges?

“Our specific challenges include having the ability to forward phones to our intake coordinators cell phones after hours. We take phone calls 24/7 and need to be available to our clients at all times.” says Patrick Mahoney, Morningside Recovery Business Manager “Our business often depends on which company the client is able to reach quickest so having that ability is very important for us. We also have several offices spread out in Orange County, CA and UniVoIP makes it easy for us to appear to all be in the same place.”

How did the UniVoIP solution address those needs or solve problems?

“UniVoIP makes it very easy for us to forward our phones to wherever they need to be after hours. The different voicemail options also make it easy to forward voicemail to our cellphones in the form of an email.” continues Patrick Mahoney, Morningside Recovery Business Manager

Send Calls Anywhere

With UniVoIP OfficeConnect, Morningside Recovery staff can now forward calls to anywhere they need – to voice-mail, to a co-worker, to an auto-attendant or to another phone or location – and with the easy to use online administration portal settings that can be changed on the fly.

Why UniVoIP?

“UniVoIP is a user friendly, price-effective and scalable phone solution that fits very well with Mornignside Recovery” says Patrick Mahoney, Morningside Recovery Business Manager “ I really appreciate the ability to forward phones to cell phones, to send voicemails to email and the Fax to email capabilities.

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