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COVID-19 Remote Work Contingency Plan

Encourage collaboration and make all parties feel at home with high definition audio, video and web conferencing, screen and file sharing capabilities, meeting logs, timestamps, summaries, no software download required, and custom branding.

  • Connect. Communication. Share.
  • Live Streaming Video
  • Audio & Video Recording
  • No more “minutes keeping” with automatic transcription
  • Screen and File sharing
  • Archived logs, timestamps, documents shared, recording and transcripts.

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Connecting & Communication Features

Live Streaming Video

For the modern enterprise, live video streaming has injected itself into many critical business functions that improve internal communication, workforce productivity, and overall staff collaboration. A few ways enterprises are using live streaming to engage and communicate with internal audiences include disseminating information to employees in remote locations across the world, collaboration amongst dispersed teams, employee training regardless of geographic location, bridging the gap between corporate staff and franchise owners and keeping shareholders updated without the need for travel.

Audio & Video Recording

Scheduling meetings, conferences, training sessions and webinars that accommodate a wide range of schedules is often a challenge. With automatic audio and video recording, combined with MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) download capabilities, on-demand access through a shareable link allows all staff to receive mission critical information at a time most convenient for them.

Auto Transcription And Smart Search

Automatic transcripts of meetings, using complex algorithms discerning different speakers as well as calculating dates and dollar values provide written documentation for future sharing and archiving. Alleviating the need for a note-taker and bringing clarity to assigned post-meeting tasks and goals with searchable keywords to skip to a desired topic, automatic transcripts is the new and improved way to deliver meeting minutes.

Screen & File Sharing

The transfer of documentation with remote employees, dispersed teams and/or departmental siloes often leads to important information getting lost in emails. With screen and file sharing plus document present during meetings, all critical stakeholders receive instant access to view reports, memos, contracts, etc., so that staff isn’t wasting time looking for sent materials in their email. Meetings stay productive, employees stay informed and resources are shared accordingly.

Meeting Summaries And Organization

With dozens of meetings occurring daily across enterprises, it’s easy to forget who attended what meeting, what was discussed, when it occurred and what was the result. Meeting summaries simplify the organization of attendees and chat logs, timestamps, documents shared, recording and transcripts so that everything that occurred during each particular meeting is cleanly archived and easily accessed at a later date with search keywords.