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Does UniVoIP’s Channel Partner Program Produce Results?

For UniVoIP’s channel partners, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. UniVoIP’s channel partners are looking for a provider who can help them sell new products and services to their existing customers and attract new customers they couldn’t reach before. They’ve experienced that type of channel partner success working with UniVoIP.

One of the key offerings that is making UniVoIP‘s Channel Partner Program such a success is our Direct Route for Microsoft Teams offering. Given the popularity of Microsoft Teams, many companies are using it as a collaboration tool to improve productivity and support remote or hybrid workforces. Those companies also want to integrate Teams into their communication system, and a direct route implementation gives them a host of advantages.

Channel partners who can provide UniVoIP’s Direct Route for Microsoft Teams have a distinct competitive advantage. They can also use this superior method for integrating voice into Teams to break into new accounts where they may not have had a relationship in the past.

How Does UniVoIP Increase Channel Partner Success?

UniVoIP is an award-winning and pioneering leader in hosted VoIP and unified communications as a service (UCaaS) with over 40 years of experience. UniVoIP designed its Channel Partner Program in four areas to satisfy a range of partner needs and goals.

  • Channel partners sell UCaaS, omnichannel contact center, and Direct Route for Microsoft Teams.
  • White-label partners sell a range of UniVoIP solutions under their own brand.
  • Other partners are affiliates or provide referrals to gain a recurring revenue stream.
  • Solutions development partners build apps with UniVoIP’s platform and APIs.
Learn how UniVoIP’s Channel Partner Program drives partner success in our blog.

In addition to leading-edge technology, UniVoIP cements its relationships with its partners by helping them delight their customers. For example:

  • UniVoIP has a record-breaking customer churn rate of 0.25%; once customers experience the UniVoIP difference, they don’t leave.
  • UniVoIP provides 24/7 U.S.-based support.
  • UniVoIP offers exceptional support to its partners, marketing support and tips and strategies to ensure their success.

What is the outcome? Partners looking for increased MRR have met that goal. For example, this short case study describes the experience of one partner that had been missing out on new business based on its hosted voice provider’s performance. Once they started working with UniVoIP, they saw a 20% increase in MRR.

The Power of UniVoIP’s Direct Route for Microsoft Teams

Just one of the things that differentiates UniVoIP from other UCaaS providers is the powerful effect UniVoIP’s Direct Route for Microsoft Teams has on collaboration. Microsoft owns 50% of the collaboration market, but only about 12% are using Teams for calling. Partners have a huge opportunity to change those numbers.

UniVoIP is among a few companies that offers a Direct Route solution via a purpose-built-for-Teams platform. This is a unique differentiation that eliminates additional costs, equipment, third-party clients, and the associated points of failure. This Direct Route solution lets organizations maximize their investment in Teams and take advantage of cheaper call rates, flexibility, security, and more technical support.

We can also overlay other non-Microsoft features and services such as faxing, analog, paging, and hybrid UCaaS and contact center, making Teams a true enterprise-grade PBX phone system. It’s difficult for a partner to find a better channel partner strategy that provides the same competitive advantage.

using direct routing for microsoft teams

If you’re looking for a communications partner, or if you don’t think you’re getting the most from your existing partner, now is the time to learn more about UniVoIP’s Partner Program and our robust Direct Route for Microsoft Teams Partner solution.